Prof. Dr. Tobaru describes in his research that already one infrared longwave application provides efficient toxin elimination and and can provide for an improved skin (cellulite) and more vitality.

Many users report that after only a few applications, many "niggling pains" disappear, their sleep quality has improved and that they have more energy.

All this can happen while you are in InfraSlim TurmalinDOM, relax, listen to music or dreams.

Our customers report that they recovered after InfraSlim application and feel vital.


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The sun is the original source of infrared heat. Even if the sun shines through clay, stone or sand,  IR rays are incurred. Once these stored heat rays are absorbed in the body,  a pleasant, soothing, healing effect aises. This effect has already been used in earlier times with stone, sand and steam baths, and today just as well with infrared heat lamps. Even in our hands surface infrared energy (8-14 microns) can be measured. As is known, the cure by the laying on of hands in ancient China was already 3000 years ago a common form of healing. The proportion of IR present is a, albeit obvious, speculation. 

Infrared (IR) is the area of the electromagnetic spectrum, which connects to the low frequency side to the visible (red). The IR radiation was discovered in 1801 by W. Herzberger and, according to the wavelength of the radiation, is divided into near-IR, mid-IR and far IR.

Radiant heat is also called infrared energy (IR). The infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three different wavelength ranges, measured in microns:

0.07 to 1.50 micrometers IR = A short wavelength range

1.51 to 5.60 micrometers IR B = medium wavelength range

5.61 to 100 micrometers IR C = long infrared waves

Of course, the IR radiation has contraindications.

So should in infections (with fever), during pregnancy,  at very high blood pressure, the doctor be consulted also because of the compatibility of implants, drugs with interactions with the application of heat etc.

Of course, the mineral loss from the FIR application should be compensated through proper diet (fruits and vegetables).

Infrared heat has nothing to do with ultraviolet radiation which can cause burns and skin damage. It also has nothing to do with microwaves or atomic radiation, but is solely a form of energy that can heat objects directly without moving them to heat surrounding air. Infrared radiation has been used for many years for therapeutic and medical purposes. 


In daily life, the sun is the source of radiant energy. What happens when the sun disappears behind a cloud? Although the air temperature has not dropped, you may feel that it has become cooler. It will be noted here that the clouds shield the infrared - radiation of the sun and you can feel in this moment, the lack of heat radiation.The human body emits infrared heat from between 2 and 50 micrometers IR.

The infrared heat is thus the same as that emitted by the human body and the sun, but without any harmful UV - radiation.


In his plea for the use of infrared - radiant heat in humans, Dr. Tsu Tsair Oliver Chi that:

The internal production of infrared energy in the human tissue corresponding to a series of reactions that serve health. Once the body tissue has been maximally stimulated, the remaining beams go on their way, without being harmful. This phenomenon is called "resonant absorption". 


The reason is that tourmaline is the only mineral which has permanete Elektriziät and on the earth at the same time a natural source of infrared radiation, and ionization.

(If we connect positive and negative charges of the tourmaline, a current representing 0.06 mA  can be measured).

Research has shown that tourmaline stimulates the blood circulation, the load capacity increases during stress, promotes mental alertness and strengthens the immune system. (Niwa Institute for Immunology, Japan, Int. J. Biometeorol 1993).

The InfraSlim 500 tourmalinestones are required for the human body's effectively functioning wavelength of 2 - from 25 microns. This can have many positive health effects.



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